OPMA Website


We have tried to make this site as useful, accurate, and informative as possible, because we want others to create their own Purple Martin site, and enjoy and learn from these birds as we have.

  • The web site was written specifically for beginning or novice bird enthusiasts who are motivated to learn more about birds as living, reproducing organisms.  However, we suspect experienced birders will learn a thing or two here as well.
  • This web site is also meant to be a resource for teachers and parents searching for ways to help children and adults make real and lasting connections with the natural world.
  • While there are other ways to pursue these goals, we believe management for and systematic field observation of one highly visible and approachable species offers a comprehensive and natural set of learning experiences, and we also believe that much of what a person learns studying one species can be applied to other birds.
  • We are convinced that Purple Martins are the perfect birds for this task, and that creating nest boxes will be an ideal setting for this type of learning.
  • Our goal is to constantly improve this web site.  Your input can help.  Please contact us regarding any questions, opinions, or corrections you have concerning the site’s content , or if you simply want to chat about Purple Martins.
  • We are extremely grateful to those of you who have already shared your experiences and photographs.  You have helped create a more comprehensive and
    instructive web site, and we look forward to your future contributions.
  • So if you do want to learn more about birds, we think this web site can help you on your journey of exploration, and remember, if you decide to create a Purple Martin nest box site of your own we’ll be here to help, from start to finish.