How to Set Up a Tree Swallow Trail

If you’re interested in finding out more about Tree Swallows and how to attract them to your backyard or field area, these links will definitely capture your interest  as well as inform you on the research that is being conducted on this species.

How to properly  set up a TREE SWALLOW PROJECT. Chris Gates, Salmon Creek Tree Swallow Project, Hilton, NY has been working with tree swallows for several years now and has set down some very good ground rules for hosting these swallows.

Study of breeding tree swallows at Long Point, Port Rowan, Ontario. Through Bird Studies Canada, Long Point Bird Observatory monitors three nest box “colonies” of Tree Swallows at Long Point, two on the “mainland” near Port Rowan (at the Port Rowan sewage lagoons and adjacent to agricultural land at Mud Creek) and the third at the Tip of the Point. Each colony contains 50-65 nest boxes.