How to Help

Purple martins are undergoing both short and long term declines in Ontario. The OPMA works to increase purple martin populations at various locations. You can help the OPMA to conserve the martin for future generations.

Host Purple Martins

Put up housing if you are able and become a purple martin landlord in your neighborhood.

Manage a Colony Site

If you don’t have the right location for a colony site but are interested in helping out the martin, assist the OPMA at a ┬ápublic or community site. Ask one of our members where you can help.


Help with maintaining one of our existing landlord colony sites. There is so much to do!


Put on talks at local organizations or community events  to increase purple martin knowledge. There are slides and displays that can be borrowed for these talks.


If you would like to help us out in a financial way because you are too busy to donate your time, we would gladly accept your generosity and use it to further the Ontario purple martin cause.