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blue bird

Male blubird Female Bluebird Bluebirds discover nest 10 min after installation Dad & Fledgling

Bluebird%2c male on branch (1)

Bluebird Hatchlings (1)

Above images courtesy of Graham Brown….

Don Bissonnette leads a bluebird tour.


Don explaining the benefits of the Peterson Bluebird Box to some onlookers.




Don’s Martins 2014- ALL GOURDS OCCUPIED


Blue Bird and Tree Swallow References

  • Check out more information and other resources at:
  • The North American Bluebird Society has produced an excellent Bluebird Monitoring Fact Sheet for perusal. It has many references and an important day by day development of baby bluebirds. It is a worthwhile document to download.


  • The Cornell Ornithology lab has a website for monitoring nest boxes as well as several tips for recording data  among other useful suggestions. These particular suggestions are relevant to purple martin monitoring as well as other songbird monitoring. You can view this information at the following location:

Learn How to Nestwatch

  • The following article comes from the above study for reference and for some hints on good Bluebird Trail Monitoring as well as sparrow behaviour on the trail.

House Sparrow Project from Cornell Study

Dorrie Bluebird House

The Tree Swallow Project found under Don’s Bluebird Corner also has many suggestions for maintaining a tree swallow trail. It is well developed with photos and suggestions which are transferable to bluebirds.

Essex County Field Naturalist  Bluebird Committee Reports: Courtesy of Don Bissonnette