Useful Products for the Purple Martin Hobby

 How To Make Larger Trio House Compartments  

Martin House Protector…. A natural, non-toxic product available from Nature House. Be sure to read the instructions for use.

Van Ert Traps…..various traps available for sparrow and starling control

2014 Prognosticator in Electronic Form

Roger Lee from the Central Indiana Purple Martin Association has allowed us to post this in honour of Ed Donath its inventor. This is similar to the PMCA Prognosticator Wheel used to determine hatching dates etc.


Styrofoam Nest Cutter

How to build a styrofoam cutter

Pole Safety: Don’t forget to lock your winch when you are away or if that is not possible, reverse the handle so some child will not accidentally cause your system to collapse.

How to Add a Winch Extender to your Gourd Rack

Lyle's Gourd Rack-May 5,2013 Pic

Cleaning Plastic Gourds by Larry: HI, posted this to share how good this cleaning mixture works. One day a guy came at the right time to clean my gutters and vinyl trim on the house. He shared his secret potion… MEAN GREEN and Bleach. 2 parts MG to 1 part Bleach. ( I mix 1 gallon MG to 1/2 gallon Bleach. Full Strength. Spray on. Few minutes later, hose off. Simple. how to Clean Gourd’s according to Larry Melcher

Ontario Purple Martin Association Clothing: You can order your favorite T-shirt or golf shirt from Silver Stitch. The OPMA logo is available.

Tri-Pole Mounting Instructions from Nature Society News –     Tri-Mount directions

This is one of the best homemade systems available. Nature Society News is no longer available.

Building a Rain Awning for your Crescent Entrance

Building a Crescent Awning

How to Stop A Gourd From Moving While Preparing It

This little device can stop you in your tracks in that it resists anything from moving while you are working on it. I used this device to prepare a natural gourd and found it very useful in stabilizing the project while I was working on it. I’ve included two photos showing the device as well as a gourd being worked on. This would also be good to hold plastic gourds in place.

The product is available online and is called the staybowlizer.

Staybowlizer Gourd and staybowlizer