Banding Protocol

Banding Protocol

The information routinely obtained for each bird captured during our banding session is indicated below.  The standard references are Pyle (1997)  and Pyle (2008),  supplemented for non-passerines by North American Bird Banding Techniques (Canadian Wildlife Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, 1991).  Data routinely recorded for all newly-banded birds, recaptures, and foreign recoveries include

  • band number
  • species
  • age and how aged
  • sex and how sexed
  • unflattened wing chord
  • presence and extent of fat
  • weight
  • date
  • time of banding
  • initials of bander
  • location of capture
  • probable age or sex if not 100% sure
  • initials of scribe
  • comments (any additional relevant information e.g. feather loss, ticks, etc.)

In addition, if time permits and at the discretion of the Bander, other information may be collected.

Martin landlords wishing to participate in the banding project must keep accurate records of their colony to ensure the safety of the young martins before they are banded and to ensure that they will fledge successfully. Contact your resident bander for further information required before participating in the project.

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