Purple Martin Videos

There has been a large influx of purple martin educational videos on the website in the form of You Tube videos which local landlords from all over the North American Continent have provided. Some of the videos illustrate current landlord practices as well as colony status. Others capture martin migration and martin roosts. These are invaluable in showcasing just another moment of a person’s martin hobby.

The OPMA does not endorse any of these videos but provides just some links for their viewing. More videos are available throughout the internet and the links provided below are just a sample of what can be viewed.


Eldon Hostetler,  martin enthusiast speaks about  his purple martin colony and how to maintain it. from You Tube

Purple martins taking a bounce bath  from the BBC.

Purple martins in Illinois Nick Butler loved his martins and it is sad to see what came of his colony after his passing. You Tube

Making a Purple Martin gourd house   with Larry Melcher and Martha Stewart

Basic Nest Change from Purple Martins R’Us

Purple martin nest check video with Hans Froelingsdorf

Terry and Ed Suchma’s  Purple Martin colony with Terry Suchma

Purple martin banding video from you tube.

Feeding purple martin video with Larry Melcher

Feeding purple martin video with Bruntdog

Large purple martin roost in Dallas Texas

Purple martin roost at Manns Harbor

Inside Presque Isle Roost with Patrick Kramer

Bird Man Mel on Purple Martins from You Tube

The Purple Martin Landlord from You Tube

Purple Martin Housing Demo from You Tube

Why We Need To Use Starling Resistant Entrances ……Graphic content, beware. From You Tube

The Melcher Starling Trap on You Tube with Larry Melcher

French Purple martin site video from You Tube

PMCA You Tube Videos by Larry Melcher (NEW)

Annual Cycle of Purple Martins by Larry Melcher  (New)