Wanted: Purple Martin Houses for New Sites


Wanted Trio aluminum/gourd martin  houses or gourd racks for new sites

Do you have a purple martin house/a plastic gourd rack or gourds  that you no  longer use or need? Contact the OPMA!  We  are hoping to add other  purple martin systems  to future locations to provide housing where there are no martins. This is only one way to provide habitat sites for this diminishing species.


Thank you  Sue Dobbin, Niagara Falls  for donating the gourd  martin system to the project! The martins are really liking the new horizontal gourds.

Holiday Beach


When You Do not Want to Host Purple Martins Anymore-What to do?

Some of us have been hosting martins for decades and there comes a time when we can no longer take care of them like we used to or we have so much purple martin equipment that we want to remove some. There are a few tips below to guide you for keeping what you have and adjusting your approach or if you really can’t handle the equipment any longer.

Tips and suggestions:

  • Ask your immediate family, son, daughter, grandchildren to assist you with the seasonal requirements of a martin colony.
  • Hire a young person to help you put up and take down your equipment or ask for help from a local high school. Students require  community service hours to complete their studies.
  • Call the OPMA for some advice or suggestions.
  • Before selling everything, call the OPMA to see if they have any leads before advertising in the local classifieds. They often  alert their membership as to who have items for sale. There are always new landlords looking for purple martin equipment.
  • Perhaps you would like to donate some of the equipment to a community site and need further direction. In that case contact the OPMA.

 For further information , send us a note or contact martinman@hotmail.com