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Purple martins often evoke the curiosity in humans and often cause them to ask questions ? These questions prompt scientists to investigate further the reason for a particular behaviour or martin question.  ie.

Oldest Purple Martin?

How long did the oldest known Purple Martin live? Thirteen years and nine months, according to the U.S. Bird Banding Laboratory at Laurel, Maryland (Clapp, et al. 1983). The Lab is generally acknowledged to be the unofficial arbiter of such records, because they manage the banding database and are in the best position to verify reports of banded birds. According to their records, the oldest known Purple Martin was banded as a nestling with band number B261331 on July 1, 1933 at Dallas City, Texas. The bander was L. Hunter. Purple Martin B261331 was later reported as a male found dead under a martin house during the spring of 1947, at Dallas City, Texas. The reporter was G. C. Arthur. No doubt, over the ages, some Purple Martins have lived longer than 13 years, 9 months, but this is the documented record. What are the odds that a Purple Martin would live to be nearly 14 years old? Using survival rates of PMCA banded birds, we estimate that only 1 in about 30,000 martins would live to be 14. A landlord has a better chance of living to be 100!

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