Walpole Island Purple Martin Roost

(Used with permission from Susan and Richard Carr, Purple Martin Project)

Well, been a long time since I (Henry) posted anything, and this post is for those who don’t hit the PMCA Facebook page, but I believe my wife and I have had the best month of August a PM freak could ever have. I will try to keep this short and let the link below do all the talking. To preface the video, Richard and Susan Carr (Walpole Island Purple Martin Project), my wife Elaine, my two sons Jordan (drone pilot) and Jeremy (photographer and videographer) and myself spent the month of August roost hunting in a vast delta marsh area where the St. Clair river dumps into lake St. Clair. It is a giant marsh with huge phragmite islands that was showing an enormous roost ring on radar every morning. The trouble is, you have one hour to find the birds in a 5-10,000 acre area before they go down into the phragmite for the night, and then you boat out of the marsh in some serious darkness. Regardless, after a few scouting days, some evenings flying the drone where no sane person would fly a drone, and driving our boat a few hundred miles, we discovered the roost area(s). From about August 2nd to September 2nd, the amount of PMs we saw was simply incredible. This delta area must draw birds from all over the Great Lakes basin, because there is no way Ontario has this many PMs. When you hit the link, there is what looks like a gear wheel on the lower right side to change the settings, click the gear and try to watch in 780 or better yet 1080P or higher for the best quality. This is just the short version of the project, the full length video is a whopping 1 hr and 15 min epic saga Jeremy created with all the video footage we accumulated, it is just way too big to upload from our place.
Anyways, enjoy…if there is a roost near you, go see it. Words cannot describe an encounter with 200,000 martins in a 45 minute spectacular show. Where else could you see a million PMs doing what they do best?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7grOwZn … e=youtu.be

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