Hawkfest Needs Your Help

Hello OPMA members,
Once again we are planning to be part of the Hawkfest activities at Holiday Beach Migration Observatory (HBMO).
This is a 2 weekend event:   
September 15-16 …….. September 22-23 
We have a crew that will set up our booth and displays on Friday the 14th, but several volunteers are needed to “man the booth” throughout these 4 days for each 3-hour shift:
9 am— 12   ………………..   12—3 pm each day 
If you’ve never been to Hawkfest, you’ll find it very interesting.    There is always a display of “education” birds – owls, and various other raptors, and visitors get a close up look at them as well as various songbirds that are captured for banding.    The experts provide great stories and information.    Hawkfest also features a variety of vendor booths, and of course, the Purple Martin housing, which is a joint venture between OPMA and HBMO, can be seen.    
The main involvement of our OPMA volunteers is to talk with people, freely sharing their knowledge and experiences.    (At our MartinFest in July, the wonderful interaction between our OPMA volunteers and the public was a major part of our success, and probably the very best way to impart our knowledge of and excitement for our hobby!)
So, we hope to have enough volunteers to fill these time slots, and help us promote Purple Martins!     if you can help, please contact Paul Hamel by email (kp_hamel@live.ca) or phone (519-738-3476).   Paul has been given an entry code by HBMO which will allow our volunteers to enter the park without paying the public entry fee.    This code will be provided prior to September 15th to those who will be volunteering.
Mary Wilson

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