Time to Clean and Repair Purple Martin Houses and other Nestboxes

Nesting season has ended and now is the time to prepare for next season. We suggest you not only clean out your Purple Martin  gourds and houses but Tree Swallow and  Eastern Bluebird boxes too.

Take a good look at them. Do you see any damage? Are there any cracks that need to be sealed with caulk? If you see anything about your box, nesting tray, predator guards, winches ,poles, pulleys that might pose a hazard to birds now is the time to make repairs. Don’t forget also to check the post footing to see if it is cracked or the soil around the pole has separated.

After any necessary repairs, return your nest boxes to a safe  place out of the elements or return them to their original location. Block the holes with a metal piece, turn the nesting tray around to block the entrance  or cover the entire house with a suitable bag until Spring arrives. Aluminum Purple Martin houses do quite well in the winter as long as entrances are blocked. Plastic gourds on the other hand, can be stored inside out of the elements in an exterior building.


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