MOTUS Application at Holiday Beach Migration Observatory

31 Motus Tags were applied to Purple Martins at Holiday Beach Migration Observatory Station

 Motus tags were applied to  four families at Holiday Beach colony  with the support from the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) and with wonderful co-operation from Nature Canada’s Ted Cheskey , Brodie Badcock-Parks and Dr. Kevin Fraser from the University of Manitoba and Patrick Kramer from the Pelee Island Bird Observatory.

HBMO and OPMA were involved in this adventure which netted at least four individual Purple Martin families with their young. The highlights of this Saturday night and Sunday tagging are located below with pictures detailing the capture, processing and application of MOTUS tags. A picture of a  NANO tag-MOTUS tag is included.

The unexpected visit by a four foot Fox Snake captured the interest of many including the discovery of its shed skin.

Thank you to all for their cooperation, educational expertise and insight, good humour, great doughnuts and the wonderful picnic lunch.

We look forward to the tracking results of these families and their young on their journey south while the MOTUS tags deliver their signal for 3 months.


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