Next OPMA Meeting

Hello Purple Martin People !
Hello Purple Martin People !
 The next meeting of the Ontario Purple Martin Association is on Saturday June 23rd at 10:00 am at the home of our members Henry & Elaine Wolting.     Shelter is available should the weather force us indoors – so this is RAIN or SHINE !!!!
See Directions below!
20924 Harwich Road, Blenheim
 Henry’s cell phone is 519-809-1094; Elaine’s is 519-809-1206.    Call if you need help.
Henry & Elaine have a wonderful site and some unique custom-made Purple Martin Houses.
As of June 8th, they reported 61 active nests and 271 eggs, so it is certain there will be a ton of activity to watch and enjoy!
This meeting is our potluck / BBQ and is a great social get-together for fellowship and talking about our favourite winged creature.    To contribute to the potluck table, we would appreciate you bringing a salad, side dish, or dessert – all else will be provided.
And remember to bring your lawn chairs!
Thank you to Henry & Elaine for being our hosts for this event !
We hope to see you there !!!!!
Mary Wilson
Blue is the route to our house taking Middle Line (old 98) through Charing Cross, Merlin, south of Tilbury, etc.    So Middle Line, left on Allison Road, and then left on Harwich Road and in 3 km you are here.
Black is the route using the 401.   Take exit 90, turn north (right I think), on Hwy 40, and go about 1 km.    At the lights turn right on Pinehurst Line and go about 7 km to Harwich Road.   Turn right on Harwich Road, 3 km more and you’re here.    
Red is taking Hwy 3, through Blenheim.   There’s a detour around downtown because of the annual car show, so turn right at the lights and go about 100 meters.    Turn left at the Petro Canada gas station.   Go 100 meters to the lights, turn right at the lights and in about 2 km is Harwich Road.   Turn left after the cemetery on Harwich Road … about 4.5 km more and you’re here. 

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