A Message from Paul, Chairperson, OPMA

Hello everyone!   February is coming to a close, our Martins are well on their way back home to us, and we probably all are already thinking about and planning for their return to our colonies.

The upcoming year is going to be an extra busy one.  Once again, we have five meetings planned for our membership.  Two are member host meetings which always offer a great opportunity to see members’ set-ups on their own sites.    Thank you to our members who have volunteered for these:   Marie Anne Knapp (Essex) in May, and Henry & Elaine Wolting (Blenheim) in June – which is also our annual social gathering for the club.

We once again will be involved with the Hawk Festival at Holiday Beach in September.  Also, for the first time, the OPMA will be hosting a Martin Festival at Colchester Harbour!     This looks to be an exciting event where we can promote the importance of maintaining Martin colonies.

Many members of our club have been busy preparing other sites for the new season.  John Balga has donated a T14 for the Colchester Harbour site.   He supervised the installation of a new pole and will be putting up the house in early March.    Ron Delcourt has converted the castle at Holiday Beach to 12 compartments, painted the swallow housing and added ventilation to the 16 gourds.    Mary Wilson & Jim Sudds are donating a new Gemini gourd rack at the Orchard View Golf Course to replace the old house that broke last year.   When we have our meeting in April, have a look at this new set-up.

John Balga and Al Hamill have worked on several new roll-up screen displays for the club which were on display at our February 17th meeting.

Our association continues to grow, and we have, as of this writing, over 50 members.   The annual dues of $20.00 are now being accepted for 2018 up until the close of the April meeting.   The money collected from dues allows us to continue with our various projects which promote the importance of the Purple Martin in our world.  Without your support, these projects would not be possible.   Even if you are unable to attend all or any of the meetings, your commitment to the OPMA is greatly appreciated.    OPMA will carry on as long as we have members who are willing to support the association and its various projects.

We hope to see you all at our next meeting on April 21, 2018 at Orchard View Golf Course!

Paul Hamel

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