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Another year has come and gone. The New Year is a time to reflect on the events that have come to pass as well as to contemplate the year ahead. A hearty welcome is extended to Joe Siegrist, the President & CEO of The Purple Martin Conservation Association. He replaces Ellen Brockwell in this executive position. We thank Ellen for her dedicated service and communication with our Association. Through her goodwill  the Ontario Purple Martin Association was showcased in their Winter, 2017 update.

Brazil has become the area  where habitat, roosts and Purple Martin habits are being studied extensively to determine martin wintering grounds  loss and declining numbers. Dr. Kevin Fraser and Joe Siegrist have banded and deployed geo-locators on Purple Martins and followed up their location in the Amazon.

Why is this group so interested in Purple Martins? And why are we? All of us are reaching out for more answers. They don’t nest in Brazil so why would they fly there, spend so little time, and come back?   The Martins continue to amaze even there in South America.

Many Clubs have now formed in the U.S. and Canada to learn more about the purple martin and to promote best practices in retaining their declining numbers. The Purple Martin Conservation Association has taken the lead in purple martin research and information. The Ontario Purple Martin Association  continues to support  the Association through its donations.

The PMCA is a non-profit group that is supported by memberships. It publishes a QUARTERLY magazine called “The Purple Martin Update.” consisting of  30 glossy colorful pages. Members may write in and share their purple martin experiences.   Banding, research, migration routes and other topics are reported and landlord letters are answered in its publication.  A yearly catalogue full of Purple Martin accessories is published annually and online availability is provided.   Educational material for clubs is provided free of charge. Canadian membership for the Update magazine is $35.00 in U.S. Funds.

The PMCA would like to extend an offer for a FREE six month membership to all of  the OPMA members. The OPMA can really help them with all the research that they’ve been doing for 26 years. Most recently the PMCA sent out a research survey to all of its members and the information is provided in another post.  To redeem the free offer, call them at 814-833-7656 and let the staffer know that you are calling about a free six month membership for the Update magazine. If you prefer you can email Joe Siegrist at with your name, address, phone number and he can enter your 6 month free membership. Their mailing address is Purple Martin Conservation Association. Tom Ridge, Environmental Center, 301 Peninsula Drive, Ste 6, Erie, P.A. 16505. Phone (814) 833-7656, Fax (814) 833-2451. Email  Once you see this magazine I’m sure you’ll renew and become a full time member of the association.


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