Ernie Didur, Premier’s Volunteer Award Winner in Manitoba

I received the following email from Melody and Gord Boszko announcing that our dear friend from the Manitoba Purple Martin Club has been awarded the Premier’s Volunteer Service Award for volunteerism. Ernie was the founding member of the Manitoba Purple Martin Club in 1980 which to date is the oldest purple martin club in Canada. They have erected hundred’s of bird houses for purple martins in the province and continue to do so to maintain  martin numbers. Their Taverner Purple Martin House and Purple Martin Towers are signatures of their members’ dedication and hard work to promote the species.

Melody writes,

It is a great privilege that I can share with the Manitoba Purple Martin Members that our very own Ernie Didur was nominated and has WON the 2017 Premier’s Volunteer Service Award.  This is an award given to deserving individuals who show outstanding effects and dedication in their volunteer work in Manitoba.  They are recognized for the valuable service they perform.

There was much effort and work done by Letty Lawrence in preparing this nomination on behalf of Ernie’s work in our province.  She was very dedicated and hopeful that Ernie would be selected to receive this award as she felt he was most deserving.

The award ceremony, for anyone that would like to attend, is on Tuesday April 25, 2017 at the RBC Convention Centre.  It is a reception and dinner, tickets can be purchased through the link below.  It is a bit pricey but I hope some members will be able to attend to see Ernie (and many other Manitobans) receive their awards for volunteerism.


If anyone calls Ernie, he was informed yesterday,  (March 15) that he will be receiving an award, but I am positive it hasn’t completely sank in with him yet.  He was very surprised!!




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