Bird Studies Canada Motus Program

Motus is a coordinated hemispheric tracking system for all migratory bird species, and is the world’s most ambitious bird tracking initiative. The project’s goal is to understand the connections between breeding, migrating, and wintering locations for every Canadian bird species by 2030.

Motus enables researchers to track the movements of birds, bats, and other flying animals at local and regional scales, and over vast distances. This project is providing critical new details about the exact breeding and wintering habitats, and migration routes, of birds in the Western Hemisphere. This information will help us identify priority habitats for protection.

Have a look at what is being done with small tracking devices to follow swallows and other birds to and from their wintering grounds. Read more at…...

Bank swallows have been outfitted with these little trackers and they now have been tracked officially in various locations. Have a look at the animated version of this Bank Swallow Project to gauge how one may view purple martin tracking in the near future.

Bank Swallow Tracking:



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