Ontario Purple Martin First Meeting 2017

Hello everyone !     Hope you all have had a great winter !     Our first meeting of 2017 will be :
Saturday, February 25th ….. 9:00 am …… at Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, Ruthven
(in the Willow Room).     We will have coffee available, and for those who want to order breakfast, Colasanti’s have a cafeteria that can accommodate your order.
A presentation of the geo-locator effort over the past several years will be given by our own member Richard Carr, from Walpole Island.   He has been a participant in the geo-locator project.     These devices have been attached to purple martins with the goal of tracking their migration, and the data that has been collected will yield invaluable information about their travels!
As always, at our first meeting of the year, we will be collecting membership dues, which remain at $20.00.
The martins are on their way !      As of Feb 13, the PMCA Scout report (https://www.purplemartin.org/research/8/scout-arrival-study/) shows that martins have reached southern Tennessee.   History shows that our martins usually return in the last days of March to the first week of April.    Let us hope for a kinder and gentler spring than 2016 gave us !!!
To all who feed their birds, I will again be ordering crickets from our supplier, which I then freeze and re-package for you.    The estimated cost will be $22.00  per thousand.   To our non-local members, I regret that this service can be offered only to those who are able to pick up, or have their crickets picked up, from me.
More and more landlords south of us are feeding their birds, even into the deep south, to help them survive cold / rainy spells, and to help them raise their young through severe weather.    So, as our martins migrate northward, many stop over possibly in colonies where feeding is being done (per testimony of many southern landlords who feel that their colonies are temporarily enlarged by birds passing through).    So when your martins arrive, even if they haven’t been trained by you, they may have acquired some experience with supplemental feeding!
Food for thought (pun intended ….. *;) winking)
If you are at the February 25th meeting, you can make arrangements with me at that time, otherwise message me by email or phone.
Hope to see you there !!!!
Mary Wilson

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