Purple Martin Scouts In Charing Cross, Woodslee, Harrow, Essex, Long Point,Forest Ontario

Hello Everyone and Happy Easter,

Lyle Papps reported today that he had a scout arrive at his colony in Charing Cross, Ontario on March 25, 2016 and he is still doing well .Gilles Breton, Woodslee, Ontario called to let me know that an ASY Male arrived at his home colony at 4 pm today, March 27, 2016. This is 5 days earlier than his returning martin  on April 1, 2015. Over 50 tree swallows are also on the neighboring golf course. He reports that there has been a large influx of tree swallows today. Al Hamill reported a lone ASY male arrival today, March 28 at his home in Harrow, Ontario. he hurried to put up his housing for the new arrival.

More reports have come in from Marieanne Knapp, Don Bissonnette, Bill Kociuk, Ron Delcourt, ¬†Robert Daubs and Marcella Martin from Harrow, Essex,Long Point and Forest. Definitely the scouts are slowly making their way up to older colonies as evidence by the single birds arriving. Hopefully , they will make it through this weekend’s cold spell.

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