Purple Martins on the Niagara River

Subject: Purple Martins on Niagara River


I am the neighbor in Chippawa that opens some “apartments” for the
early arrivals scouts each spring for the Mooney’s before they get
back from Florida.

Always great to watch them all summer and amazing to see the size of
some of the huge dragonflies they cram into the youngsters ! It amazes
me that there is onky bout 60 days between hatching and beig ready to
migrate !

I had an interesting thing happen last summer while working on my duck
blind. I had the pleasure of watching a father teach his son how to
hunt. The two of them sat on a branch nearby and the youngster kept
doing the usual demand to be fed, However, the father brought a
dragonfly but would not let him have it, rather using it for bait to
get the little guy to follow him out to the “hunting grounds” where he
started to get the idea and actually caught his own insect…

Jus thought I would share that with you and feel free to post if you wish

Pete in Chippawa

Thank you for sharing Pete and thank you for helping the Moneys while they are away. Let us know when you see the martins at their site.

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