Happy New Year

Hello fellow OPMA members
It’s been a while since we have been together so I wanted to send this note to you all just before the year comes to an end.
John Balga has finished compiling the statistics on the 2015 fledge results.   I would like to thank him for his efforts because he has taken a great deal of time and effort to put them together.    The numbers – 1,129 nesting pairs and 4,038 fledged – indicate that we landlords are doing a very good job of helping the purple martins maintain a presence in our area.    Our OPMA group is definitely playing a large role in the preservation of this beautiful purple bird.     Give yourself a pat on the back and be reassured that your efforts are greatly appreciated.
We have three vacancies on the board for “directors at large”.    Persons in this role attend board meetings to add their views, suggestions, and ideas to the club proceedings, as well as having a vote in board decisions.    If you are interested in joining the board in this capacity, let me know at our next meeting or by email …. kp_hamel@live.ca.    If we have more than three people interested, we will have elections in April.
Our first general meeting will be February 20th at Gleaners in Leamington.    Al Hamill has been able to secure their meeting room for this get-together.     We will also have a special speaker, Vic Bernyk.      Vic is an expert on native plants and will bring us valuable information on how they affect our environment.    More information will follow in the New Year with a map, directions, and time for this meeting.     Hope to see you there.     Dates for other meetings in 2016 will be in the next newsletter, to be issued in January.
Finally, on behalf of the OPMA board, I would like to wish you all the very best for this festive season and a Happy New Year.    Hopefully, 2016 will be a very good year for the martins.
Paul Hamel, OPMA Chairperson

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