2015 Colony Results

Dear Fellow Ontario Purple Martin Friends,

 I hope your summer went well and your martins had a good breeding season despite the hot weather conditions and rainy weather. From all reports so far , purple martin fledgling numbers are up a bit or the same in reported areas and I was told that the Port Rowan area had a bumper crop! It would be nice to confirm this in other areas with as many reports as possible.
Last year over 52 people sent their stats to indicate how their colonies did .Hopefully,  a similar result can be posted  for this year. Please take a moment to  report  your results so they can be shared with other Ontario landlords and  interested parties. Everyone would be excited to hear your results!
Most importantly it would be great to see purple martin numbers increasing rather than decreasing.
Please take a few moments to report how many pair you had, how many eggs hatched and how many martins fledged . 
Your work is very important to the purple martins.
Thank you!
  • In 2014 -4083 purple martins fledged, as reported  from 51 sites ( 990 pair) as of  December 12.  5  reported having no  martins this year.

You can use the form below if you wish-it is a bit more extensive in detail.

OPMA 2015 Fledgling Reporting Form

John Balga


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