First Purple Martin of the 2015 Season

The first martin was  reported to have arrived  from Melbourne, Florida on December 23, 2014 by Mike Dingman.

Quote from the PMCA Forum

“It was 8 am this morning, I was outside and heard the familiar cher, cher, from an ASY female purple martin. She was circling my back yard. I have 3 gourd racks, 12 gourds each, all installed but lowered and covered with sheets to keep them out of the weather. I uncovered the frist rack and raised it up. She didn’t land, but I do expect to see her again either this afternoon, if I am around, or this evening before dark. It was about 70 degrees this morning, very mild, nice weather. This past Saturday I was noiticing the warm southerly wind blowing to the north and I figured it would be a good time for martins to ride the wind north, if they were inclined to leave at this time of the year. I have had early arrivals as early as December 26 in the past….” (read more at the PMCA)


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