Blenheim’s Henry Wolting Posts His Success

Henry and Elaine Wolting

20924 Harwich Road, Blenheim, Ontario, N0P 1A0.

20 adult pairs, 108 eggs, 102 hatched, 94 fledged and gone,

We had 8 “jumpers” we relocated to a “foster house” if you will, right close to the two houses I have, 5 went missing (of those 8, presumed dead) and 3 died in the foster house.  This is our fourth year in the “game”, we are very pleased…

Year 1, 9 pairs

Year 2, 18 pairs

Year 3, 23 pairs

I had no gourd success this year, assuming that the high winds and cool temps early in the spring kept them searching for better and warmer places.

Hoping for better numbers next year as we will be putting in another pond and increasing the house numbers from 2 ten room houses (20 rooms) and 6 gourds, to hopefully 50 rooms plus, depending on my motivation levels.

Attached one picture of one of my 3 nests that had 7 of 7 hatch, pretty sure only one successfully fledged all 7, some of my 8 jumpers had to have come from the other nests with 7, but that is only an assumption or good guess.  Poor quality picture, sorry, took it with my phone, but you get the idea of my housing, they are two identical houses, all ½ inch plywood with wood dowels on top, turned on 45 degrees to each other only 8 feet apart, for some reason it worked great.  The houses are 50 feet from my back deck and 80 feet from my pond, where they take a swim every night and drink from it all day long.  Great photo opportunity if you are ever interested, call first, we have 250 pounds of dogs free roaming the front half of our property, one not so friendly, the other is a wimp.

On another note, I spoke with Megan MacIntosh yesterday and she sent me this (below), sounds like they had an interesting summer… I volunteered my colony(s) for this project as well as my nephew’s colony (he built the houses etc. from plans he found on-line) and she sounded interested, but I doubt they will come to our neck of the woods,that would be too good to be true.



Hello Henry,

My apologies for such a late reply. Thank you very much for contacting us. We really like to hear from the Purple Martin landlords. It is great that you are able to conduct frequent checks on your colony and it sounds like you take very good care of them. Do you report your findings to the Ontario Purple Martin Association and the Purple Martin Conservation Association in the US?

Our field season went very well this summer. We managed to deploy 60 tracking devices on adult birds between three colonies in the Ottawa and Kingston area. At the moment our work is focused in Eastern Ontario however our partners (Particularly Kevin Fraser from Manitoba University) do work throughout North America. I would be happy to put you in touch with these researchers.


Henry's Martin House

Henry’s Martin House with 7 young


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