Mary’s Home Fledgling Results

Hi John.
Was going to make a post to the blog on the OPMA website, but couldn’t quite find where to do it.
Just wanted to say that this year has been one of the very best in our backyard, simply because there were NO nestlings that ended up on the ground.    I’m not certain that has ever happened before – there’s usually a couple at least that I have to put back up after assessing and possibly feeding.    There were no dead young left behind in the nests, either.
We fledged 73 young from 17 active nests.    We have fewer gourds (20) up than we used to, so we don’t have as many young.
Hopefully the other colonies will have done as well !!!    Will let you know the results as I get them.
Thanks Mary.
Look forward to Orchard View and Erie Shore results.

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