Visit with Lou Kociuk

On Friday, June 6 I was able to visit Lou Kociuk’s colonies at Long Point, Ontario and was amazed to discover Bird Studies Canada as well as a super Wind Farm in Clear Creek, Ontario where I attended a meeting with the Ontario Eastern Bluebird Association.

Lou’s colony consists of a two gourd rack system just across from Bird Studies Canada and another two gourd system at his home 10 minutes down the road on Lake Erie. All four rack systems were fully occupied with purple martins and nests with eggs. We were fortunate to discover a couple of seven egg nests as well.

Lou has been a purple martin enthusiast for over twenty years and his martin dedication is quite evident from the care and promotion that the martins receive. His wife is a keen supporter of his hobby and the tree swallows also play a role on their property as they busily feed their newly hatched young. The location of both colonies provide the martins with adequate aerial food and open water on Lake Erie.

Lou’s son is not far behind him with his enthusiasm for the martins as his back yard in town hosts a gourd colony as well. Lou and Bill both  believe that the Troyer Vertica/Horizontal l Gourd as well as the Super Gourds on Creative Universe gourd racks provide the best that the hobby can afford for the martins. After each season the gourds and poles are stored for the winter.

Lou is an enthusiastic ambassador for the martins as he tries to get others involved in the martin hobby. The other sites which we visited were also hosts to new martin colonies.

Thank you Lou and Bill for all the work you do for Ontario’s purple martins.

IMG_2394  IMG_2391 IMG_2383 Purple Martin 1 (2)

Purple Martin 3 (1) Purple Martin 2 (2)