Monthly Archives: March 2018

Tree Swallows Arrive

It was reported this morning that two Tree Swallows arrived in Woodslee, Ontario  at 7:20 a.m., March 31, 2018 and one in Essex, Ontario at 9:30 a.m.. Let’s hope the weather shapes up!

Purple Martin Feeding Guidelines that Landlords Need to Know

The month of March has not been as co-operative to martins as it should as  they journey back from South America. Many have encountered rain , sleet, snow and terrible winds.  Some landlords have even wiped away snow from their gourd racks to allow the imprisoned martins to escape their hollow chambers. These extreme undetermined weather conditions have not produced the kind of martin favourable environment for them to survive. Fortunately, as we know there are steps that  landlords can take to ensure that the martins survive these conditions since they are unable to forage for the insects that they so need to survive.  Feeding crickets or scrambled eggs can save your early returning martins  or your entire colony .

What is a Purple Martin landlord to do?

The Purple Martin Conservation Association has provided and excellent article on supplemental feeding. Read more…….

Single Taverner Up On Cedar Island

Brian Isaac shared the following pictures of his new construction on Cedar Island, Ontario. It replaces a dilapidated aluminum Purple Martin house which has been occupied for several years now and was in need of replacement.  The photos show the intricate roof work, the cedar mast, the  grooved perches  the starling resistant entrances and custom fitted nesting trays. This is a fine piece of wooden craft work. Thanks for sharing Brian!