Daily Archives: November 7, 2017

Don’s Bluebird Report 2017

Hello Bluebirders,

This afternoon, I added up the statistics.

Number of Birdhouses monitored in 2017…..121

Number of Successful Pairs of Bluebirds…..20

Number of Bluebirds fledged…..98

Number of Successful Pairs of Tree Swallows….89

Number of Tree Swallows fledged…..413

Average Number of Fledgling Tree Swallows per Nest…..4.64

Number of Pairs of House Wrens…..13 …

THANKĀ  YOU to every-one who sent in their statistics!

These numbers may change, there maybe someĀ people who send in their statistics later. There were many reports of dead Nestling Bluebirds & dead Tree Swallows in the first week of May. when it was cold & rainy. It was unusually cold with lots of rain, at that time.

Please wash out your Birdhouses, if you haven’t already.

Thanks again,

Don Bissonnette

Makin Ready for Spring

Brown Roof BB House with eggs