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A New Kind of Vertical Nest System




A new experimental individual purple martin housing unit is about to hit the market with landlords invited to participate in a test launch of the housing units. The ChirpyNest System is now being sold from Virginia, US by Tom Brake. Find out more about this system at his website.

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2017 Fledgling Results- Please!

Hello Ontario Martin Landlords,

Please take a moment to send in your fledgling numbers for 2017.

Your information will be used to assess the current status of Ontario martins for our association members as well as  Nature Canada.  We are working with Megan MacIntosh, Purple Martin Coordinator to determine the martin success for each year from different parts of Ontario.

Please send us the following information: Name and location of your colony, Number of pair, Number of eggs, Number hatched, Number fledged. A form detailing further information is located on our website in excel  or pdf and will be sent to our partner organization “Nature Canada”.

Thank you in advance for your information.

Ecological Armaggedon

One of our scientist friends passed this reference along to clarify yet another reason why purple martins and other insectivores are in danger according to  a research study in Germany conducted by Prof Dave Goulson of Sussex University, UK . The article was posted in the Guardian,UK.


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