Daily Archives: September 28, 2017

Mystery of the Migrating Martins

The PMCA has  posted a worthwhile  you tube video tracking 28 purple martins from Erie, Pa to South America and back using data from 2011-2014. Now you can  see where they fly each year in real time  and the route they take from data submitted from Data Geolocators and GPS tags. This is a fascinating mystery come to life through modern technology. View more…….

OPMA Wins Conservation Award

The 2017 Communities in Bloom Awards Reception took place at the McGregor Community Centre on September 27th, 2017. John ,Paul and Tim received a Special Recognition Award for Environmental Action on behalf of the OPMA. The award recognizes the Association’s work with purple martins in the Harrow and Essex community locations. The group has worked with the town of Essex and  Communities in Bloom to monitor two purple martin colonies. Both sites now have purple martins. Congratulations to the members who maintain the sites! This award is for you.