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Mystery of the Migrating Martins

The PMCA has  posted a worthwhile  you tube video tracking 28 purple martins from Erie, Pa to South America and back using data from 2011-2014. Now you can  see where they fly each year in real time  and the route they take from data submitted from Data Geolocators and GPS tags. This is a fascinating mystery come to life through modern technology. View more…….

OPMA Wins Conservation Award

The 2017 Communities in Bloom Awards Reception took place at the McGregor Community Centre on September 27th, 2017. John ,Paul and Tim received a Special Recognition Award for Environmental Action on behalf of the OPMA. The award recognizes the Association’s work with purple martins in the Harrow and Essex community locations. The group has worked with the town of Essex and  Communities in Bloom to monitor two purple martin colonies. Both sites now have purple martins. Congratulations to the members who maintain the sites! This award is for you.

Final 2017 OPMA Meeting

Hello everyone,

The final 2017 meeting of the Ontario Purple Martin Association is coming up on Saturday, September 30th (9:00 am), at Orchard View Golf Course, Ruthven, Ontario.

Everyone always enjoys hearing others’ results and experiences at the end of our season, so if possible please bring your colony stats to the meeting to share.

Hope to see you there !

Mary Wilson



Hurricane Irma’s Impact on Migration

We truly know the impact that this hurricane has had on people, their homes, their livelihoods as well as their pets. Our hearts go out to those effected by this disastrous storm. Much or little has been reported so far regarding the status of martins or other birds effected during their migration south into the eye of the storm.

Cornell University has posted some interesting facts about Hurricane Irma and Harvey and their connections with e-bird. You can find out more about this topic….See live storm sightings on their website  beginning Sunday 10 September 2017:Read more….

Do Predator Guards Work?

A study has been conducted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology to see whether predator guards are worth it and the results are in after this  extensive study….

Read more……


Festival of Hawks

Saturday September 9 – Sunday September 10, 2017.

Join the experts from the Holiday Beach Migration Observatory for this annual celebration of the great migration. See thousands of raptors and other birds as they make their journey south. This festival features kid-friendly activities, nature-themed vendors, and a wide range of free programming. Adopt a hawk and banding activities will take place.This is your chance to take in this unique natural spectacle at one of the top bird watching sites in North America. Holiday Beach is ranked as the top hawk watching site in Canada by Audubon Magazine, and the third best in all of North America.

Other Festival of Hawks Dates: Saturday September 16 – Sunday September 17, 2017,

Saturday September 23-Sunday September 24, 2017

9 am – 3 pm daily; $15 a day/car
Holiday Beach Conservation Area – 6952 County Rd. 50 W., Amherstburg

Join the OPMA experts at their tent by the Hawk Tower as they continue to describe their work with the declining purple martin . Members will be on hand to answer your questions about the species, migration, roosts, housing set ups and more-all in full view of the purple martin colony.