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Point Pelee Swallow Roost/Martin Staging Area

Point Pelee Roost

Latitude: 41°58’46.95″N

Longitude: 82°30’37.83″W

The Point Pelee Roost comprises a number of different swallow species as well as grackles, red wings and  a variety of waterfowl. The number of swallows is estimated around 10,000 or more but it is difficult to get an accurate count. Best viewing of the roost takes place between 8:15 pm and 8:50 pm as the birds arrive from all directions to land in the cat tails and phragmites. Large numbers of purple martins are  easily discerned in the mix and can be easily identified.

 OPMA has been working with  our membership as well other birders to inform them of this roost development.   We now know where the local martins are congregating before moving on to their southern grounds in this area.

 A large group of bank swallows fill the cattails and taller phragmites near the Boardwalk Viewing area.

Martins arriving in large groups.

Lighting conditions did not allow photos of the roost at 8:50 p.m. These photos were taken at 8:30 pm just prior to swallow arrival.

 Krause Fisheries  Staging Area

Latitude : 42° 0’47.55″N

Longitude: 82°34’17.21″W

Krause Fisheries  just before the Pelee Bridge continues to be the best location for viewing staging martins, barn swallows and bank swallows as of 8/16/2017. The staging will continue for a couple more weeks before they leave.