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Local Birder works to boost purple martin population

Dennis Shady has welcomed purple martins at his home on Ambassador Beach near Colchester for several years and is doing his part to boost this declining species. Read more about what is happening at this Windsor Star url :

Local birder works to boost purple martin population


Upcoming June 24th OPMA Meeting Announcement

Hello OPMA members !

Our next meeting begins at 10:00 am on Saturday, June 24th,

at the home of Elaine & Henry Wolting, in Blenheim.

20924 Harwich Road, Blenheim.

Shelter is available should the weather force us indoors – so this is RAIN or SHINE !!!! 

This is our pot-luck meeting, so we will need a count of how many plan to attend, and also, if you can bring something to contribute to the pot-luck.     (Hot meal items are being provided, but we would welcome the addition of desserts, salads, rolls, and munchies, or anything you would like to bring!)     Please respond to Paul Hamel: with this information, thank you.

Because there is some construction to navigate around and/or avoid, Henry has provided the following information, as well as a map, which should help us.

1)     Coming from “Windsor” way via the 401, be aware that Exit 90  (Hwy 40) is closed.

2)      Blenheim is having a classic car show on the same day, so the main street (Talbot) will be shut down from the lights at Middle Line & Hwy 3 to the lights at Hwy 40 (the white part of Talbot Street on the image below).     It will be a small detour, nothing special.

The following Google map looks like it goes around the construction on the 401, and seems to have accounted for the Hwy 40 closure.    To access the map, left-click below, and then, in the resulting pop-up window, left-click on “Follow Link”.    This takes you to the map, which you can zoom in for better street detail.,+ON,+Canada/20924+Harwich+Rd,+Blenheim,+ON+N0P+1A0,+Canada/@42.2304066,-82.5785034,10z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m13!4m12!1m5!1m1!1s0x883aeb2227a19191:0x884d1175b900d3fc!2m2!1d-82.5998874!2d42.0531634!1m5!1m1!1s0x882fe4c4ccbff959:0x31133ecc692b03ce!2m2!1d-82.0247762!2d42.3802618

 Anyone running into difficulties can call Henry at 519-809-1094.

Henry & Elaine’s setting is lovely, and with a variety of martin housing, many have made their home there and provide a treat for our eyes and our ears !!!

We look forward to seeing everyone there, and exchanging “martin news” !

Mary Wilson

Secretary OPMA



Ernie Didur, Manitoba Purple Martin Association wins Premier’s Award

The following has been submitted to me from Rick Holley, OPMA member to illustrate the work that one person can do to change the plight of the martins.

The first article details Ernie’s work with purple martins since 1960 submitted for his nomination.

Didur premiers award text

The second is an article which was published  in the Winnipeg Free Press.


The third is a photo article of Ernie and the Premier of Manitoba.

Ernie and Premier


Way to go Ernie…the martins are blessed to have a friend like you.