Monthly Archives: April 2017

Major Influx of Martins April 27,2017

Yesterday, April 27th several members and martin landlords reported a major influx of ASY martins to their colonies with several colonies doubling their numbers. This is so encouraging after hearing about the numbers being down this year. If the south winds continue there should be more martins arriving….Don’t despair!

Martins are Starting to Nest at Holiday Beach Site

Some ASY female martins have started nest building as of April 23, 2017. They were on the road leading up to the Hawk Tower picking up twigs and various materials. They don’t waste anytime when the weather changes in their favour. The male martin looks on as the female brings in nesting material to her gourd.

Research Potential of the Motus Network

A new paper shares the research potential of the Motus Network from Ellen Jakubowski, Bird Studies Canada.

If you have been following news from Bird Studies Canada over the past few years, you’ve certainly heard of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System. They  regularly post stories about this cutting-edge network, and its potential to solve mysteries about migration and other aspects of animal biology.

But are you curious to know exactly how it works?Find out more about this Research Potential .

OPMA Second Purple Martin Meeting- April 22, 2017

The next OPMA meeting will take place on Saturday, April 22, 9:00 a.m.  at Orchard View Golf Course, Ruthven, Ontario. Hope to see many of you there!

Lyle Papps-Purple Martin Landlord

Vice president Lyle Papps presented at the Tilbury and District Horticultural Society in March, 2017. Great job Lyle!

Ontario Holiday Beach Conservation Area Purple Martin Arrival

While clearing the purple martin site of unsightly weeds and overgrown brush with Richard Carr from Walpole Island this morning, April 2nd,  an ASY male Purple Martin was surveying the gourd housing after his annual trip back from his wintering grounds. The 2017 season has begun.

Many thanks to OPMA members- Ron, Richard, and Dennis for assisting with this Sunday project. We are now ready for additional housing to be installed.