Daily Archives: March 27, 2017

Modifying Lonestar Alamo Nest Trays

The following photos illustrate a test nest tray that I will be using on some of my compartments this Spring to see whether the martins will adjust to an ante-room and bedroom nest tray adaptation. The entrance to the bedroom is 2 1/8 inch wide and is offset to the regular outside entrance to prevent any predator from reaching in. Secondly, the young will be segregated to the back room by the tall wood divider.  Predators will not be able to see the young unless they wander to the front part of the tray.


Purple Martins are in Ontario (Pelee Island)

The first Purple Martin Sighting was announced by the PMCA on March 25th on Pelee Island, Ontario. This is very early to have them return so ready your martin houses. Many Tree Swallows have also returned over the past few days.