Daily Archives: March 24, 2017

A Beautiful Spring Day at HBCA to Ready Martin Site

Many thanks to all the OPMA and HBMO members who assisted in getting the martin housing ready today. Tree swallows, tundra swans and kingfishers made the gathering that more special as well asthe lunch we had at Ure’s.

We will soon be adding two more Troyer- T 14 houses to the site donated by Nature Canada.They will be arriving the second week in April.

The next major Spring cleanup will be the removal of the dead growth near and beside the houses to ready the site for the new housing. The Trio houses and the Gourd Rack are all prepped for the arrival of the martins! Last year over two hundred purple martins crossed Lake Erie and settled at this site according to Claude Radley , Master Bird Bander for HBMO.

Tree Swallows are Moving North (Reports are coming in)

On March 24th 8:00 a.m., A report was received from Gilles Breton, Woodslee, Ontario and John Balga, Essex  that they had a single Tree Swallow at their


location. With the southwest winds today, it appears that more may be moving north. Please ready your nest boxes as they will be looking for new homes.