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Modifying Lonestar Alamo Nest Trays

The following photos illustrate a test nest tray that I will be using on some of my compartments this Spring to see whether the martins will adjust to an ante-room and bedroom nest tray adaptation. The entrance to the bedroom is 2 1/8 inch wide and is offset to the regular outside entrance to prevent any predator from reaching in. Secondly, the young will be segregated to the back room by the tall wood divider.  Predators will not be able to see the young unless they wander to the front part of the tray.


Purple Martins are in Ontario (Pelee Island)

The first Purple Martin Sighting was announced by the PMCA on March 25th on Pelee Island, Ontario. This is very early to have them return so ready your martin houses. Many Tree Swallows have also returned over the past few days.

A Beautiful Spring Day at HBCA to Ready Martin Site

Many thanks to all the OPMA and HBMO members who assisted in getting the martin housing ready today. Tree swallows, tundra swans and kingfishers made the gathering that more special as well asthe lunch we had at Ure’s.

We will soon be adding two more Troyer- T 14 houses to the site donated by Nature Canada.They will be arriving the second week in April.

The next major Spring cleanup will be the removal of the dead growth near and beside the houses to ready the site for the new housing. The Trio houses and the Gourd Rack are all prepped for the arrival of the martins! Last year over two hundred purple martins crossed Lake Erie and settled at this site according to Claude Radley , Master Bird Bander for HBMO.

Tree Swallows are Moving North (Reports are coming in)

On March 24th 8:00 a.m., A report was received from Gilles Breton, Woodslee, Ontario and John Balga, Essex  that they had a single Tree Swallow at their


location. With the southwest winds today, it appears that more may be moving north. Please ready your nest boxes as they will be looking for new homes.

Natural Insect Control is having a Purple Martin Day

Hello John

I am wondering if you have an office or meeting room or perhaps you could post our memo on line for your members to see.

We are trying to promote Purple Martin care in the Niagara region.  We  are offering discounted housing to people who  might not otherwise be able to get into the wonderful world of martins.

We are hoping it will be a successful day that helps build an interest in and an appreciation for Purple martins.

Thank you for talking the time to read this e-mail

Regards John

P.S. If you would like more information or have questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

John  C Robertson

Owner, Director of Sales

Natural Insect Control

Tel: 905-382-2904

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left.” Albert Einstein



Psst have you heard about NIC?  They are starting a new tradition                                             

Purple Martin Day

April 1st 2017 (No Joke)

Southern Ontario’s largest supplier of Purple martin housing is having a sale and you are invited!!!  They carry a large variety of Purple Martin house, gourds and accessories We are having a huge sale on new and refurbished Purple Martin houses and accessories.

 We are turning our shop over to lovers of purple martins. We have unique and unusual refurbished older houses, deals on new house and gourds kits, as well as individual houses & parts. Everything an enthusiast could want and more. Your one stop shop for the entire season.

Location: 3737 Netherby rd Stevensville Ont.

10am to 3pm April 1st 2017


Ernie Didur, Premier’s Volunteer Award Winner in Manitoba

I received the following email from Melody and Gord Boszko announcing that our dear friend from the Manitoba Purple Martin Club has been awarded the Premier’s Volunteer Service Award for volunteerism. Ernie was the founding member of the Manitoba Purple Martin Club in 1980 which to date is the oldest purple martin club in Canada. They have erected hundred’s of bird houses for purple martins in the province and continue to do so to maintain  martin numbers. Their Taverner Purple Martin House and Purple Martin Towers are signatures of their members’ dedication and hard work to promote the species.

Melody writes,

It is a great privilege that I can share with the Manitoba Purple Martin Members that our very own Ernie Didur was nominated and has WON the 2017 Premier’s Volunteer Service Award.  This is an award given to deserving individuals who show outstanding effects and dedication in their volunteer work in Manitoba.  They are recognized for the valuable service they perform.

There was much effort and work done by Letty Lawrence in preparing this nomination on behalf of Ernie’s work in our province.  She was very dedicated and hopeful that Ernie would be selected to receive this award as she felt he was most deserving.

The award ceremony, for anyone that would like to attend, is on Tuesday April 25, 2017 at the RBC Convention Centre.  It is a reception and dinner, tickets can be purchased through the link below.  It is a bit pricey but I hope some members will be able to attend to see Ernie (and many other Manitobans) receive their awards for volunteerism.


If anyone calls Ernie, he was informed yesterday,  (March 15) that he will be receiving an award, but I am positive it hasn’t completely sank in with him yet.  He was very surprised!!




Studying Purple Martins Using RFID and Geolocator Technology

More interesting information has been posted on You Tube regarding RFID technology and martins.

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Dr. Kevin Fraser Speaks about Geolocators

If you are interested in finding out more information about Geolocators, you can view a great video on You Tube which took place at the Ellis Bird Farm….

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