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Earliest P.A. Taverner Martin House

Purple Martins at martin house designed by Taverner. Photographed by Taverner in the garden of his home in Ottawa in the summer of 1916. (Reproduced courtesy of the Canadian Museum of Nature, number 41796.)

One of the first things Percy did when the garden was being laid out in the spring  of 1913 was to put up a Purple Martin house. In 1915 a pair nested in it, and in April 1916 three pairs returned to the house.

Peterborough Purple Martins

Elwood Ward sent me a photo of his new purple martin house creation complete with Conley 1 entrances and two Troyer vertical gourds from Aaron Miller, Norwich Ontario. He is looking for anyone who could give him some information about any  purple martin contacts in the Rice Lake/Peterborough area. Great job Elwood! Contact martinman@hotmail.com with any leads, please.