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Getting Ready for the 2017 Purple Martin Season

The PMCA has published a link to many articles which you can refer to for preparing your martin housing for the 2017 season. A landlord may  often skip these important pointers saying they know all about maintaining and getting ready. Take a pad and paper and check off all that you have done or failed to do. This may somewhat alleviate the pain and heartache when a house comes tumbling down or when older martins are not in the best of health.

Getting Ready for the 2017 Season

Songbird SOS Productions Film Update

If you haven’t had a chance to see the Messenger at a location near you, here is a list of some upcoming venues where it will be shown. It has gained world recognition with numerous awards and yes, this movie  also speaks to the decline of aerial insectivores including the Purple Martin and Tree Swallows.

Have a look also to see how Bird Studies Canada is involved.

Click on the link below.

Canadian Screenings