Monthly Archives: July 2016

Banding at Colchester South Harbour

A recent article appeared in the Essex Free Press on the banding efforts at the Purple Martin Project site.

Read more….

Blackburn News Comments on the Colchester Harbour Project

Jason Viau contributed an article to the Blackburn News website commenting on the project. Read more….

Harrow News Posts Info on Colchester Purple Martins

The Harrow News posted more information about the Colchester Harbour Purple Martin Project in its recent newspaper. It is included here for further reading.

Purple Martin story

Bird House to help Purple Martins

The town of Essex, the Ontario Purple Martin Association and Essex Community Blooms were on hand to launch a new project at Colchester South Harbour. Read more

Colchester Harbour Purple Martins Banded

A group of volunteers met to band a new colony of purple martins for the first time. Several visitors dropped by to see what was going on. Read more….