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Purple Martin Scouts In Charing Cross, Woodslee, Harrow, Essex, Long Point,Forest Ontario

Hello Everyone and Happy Easter,

Lyle Papps reported today that he had a scout arrive at his colony in Charing Cross, Ontario on March 25, 2016 and he is still doing well .Gilles Breton, Woodslee, Ontario called to let me know that an ASY Male arrived at his home colony at 4 pm today, March 27, 2016. This is 5 days earlier than his returning martin  on April 1, 2015. Over 50 tree swallows are also on the neighboring golf course. He reports that there has been a large influx of tree swallows today. Al Hamill reported a lone ASY male arrival today, March 28 at his home in Harrow, Ontario. he hurried to put up his housing for the new arrival.

More reports have come in from Marieanne Knapp, Don Bissonnette, Bill Kociuk, Ron Delcourt,  Robert Daubs and Marcella Martin from Harrow, Essex,Long Point and Forest. Definitely the scouts are slowly making their way up to older colonies as evidence by the single birds arriving. Hopefully , they will make it through this weekend’s cold spell.

Spring Tree Swallow

There is nothing more exhilirating than seeing the harbinger of Spring arrive at your property on the first day of Spring. To have him sit there and let you take the first photo of him/her is quite exciting. Travelling so far to your property to spend another season with you is more than just a miracle, it is a gift. Let us not forget that Spring brings with it many miracles-new flowers, new birds, and awesome scenery.

Enjoy the photo of my first Tree Swallow. Still not sure whether he was the one that visited on March 12th.

First Tree Swallow 2016

First Ontario Martin/More Tree Swallows

Henry Wolting posted that the PMCA has had its first purple martin scout report for Ontario on March 17, 2016 from Aylmer, Ontario. Although this is very early for martins to return  it is a warning  to get ready for our feathered friends’ return. Unusual weather conditions  fool them to return earlier than normal.

Thank you Henry for sending us the heads-up!

Don Bissonnette also reported several tree swallow arrivals  on this same date at several of his Bluebird Trail locations. Thanks Don for the update!

A Tree Swallow in Essex, Ontario

I had a tree swallow arrive at my home in Essex today and check out the houses around noon. He stayed for a while and moved through on his migration journey. His arrival  is two weeks early as I do not see them until the last week in March. Just hoping that this is not an indication of what possible disaster may be coming this year. March may yet go out like a lion dooming all of these little songbirds.

Tree Swallows Have Arrived

Gilles Breton,OPMA member  reported two tree swallows at Woodland Hills Golf Course this morning. March 12…….some very early arrivals!

Purple Martins on the Niagara River

Subject: Purple Martins on Niagara River


I am the neighbor in Chippawa that opens some “apartments” for the
early arrivals scouts each spring for the Mooney’s before they get
back from Florida.

Always great to watch them all summer and amazing to see the size of
some of the huge dragonflies they cram into the youngsters ! It amazes
me that there is onky bout 60 days between hatching and beig ready to
migrate !

I had an interesting thing happen last summer while working on my duck
blind. I had the pleasure of watching a father teach his son how to
hunt. The two of them sat on a branch nearby and the youngster kept
doing the usual demand to be fed, However, the father brought a
dragonfly but would not let him have it, rather using it for bait to
get the little guy to follow him out to the “hunting grounds” where he
started to get the idea and actually caught his own insect…

Jus thought I would share that with you and feel free to post if you wish

Pete in Chippawa

Thank you for sharing Pete and thank you for helping the Moneys while they are away. Let us know when you see the martins at their site.

Look Out!

Henry Wolting sent me this heads up post this afternoon for all of our landlords.

They are already in central Ohio…60 miles south of Cleveland,  which is what 40 miles across the lake?