Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

First Martins Reported (Updated 11/04–5:30 p.m.))

OPMA members reporting their first martins:

April 1       Gilles Breton,  Woodslee, Ontario (ASY Male);

Lyle Papps , Charing Cross, Ontario (ASY Male)

April 2         Phil Carnie, Morpeth  (ASY Male)

Frank Cantanzaro, Harrow (ASY Male)

Leo Dunn, Woodslee (ASY Male)

April 3          Susan Dobbin, Niagara Falls(ASY Male and Female)

April 4          Carol Taves, Wheatley (2 ASY Males)

Mary Wilson, Jim Sudds, Erie Shores, Leamington

Robert Daubs, Forest

April 5           Marieanne Knapp,Essex

April 6           Don Bissonnette, Harrow,(ASY Male)

Al Hamill, Harrow, (2 ASY Male, ASY Female)

Dennis Shady, Ambassador Beach, (2 ASY Males, ASY Female)

April 7            Robert Tanner, Kingsville

Marcella Martin, Essex

Bill Kociuk, Long Point

April 9

Rob Cornies, Kingsville  (3 ASY Males)

April 10

John Balga, Holiday Beach Migration Observatory (5 ASY Males; 1 ASY Female)

April 11

Aad Ahsmann, Leamington; Randy Marentette, Cottam

Tree Swallow on April Fool’s Day

I was walking around putting in new subfloors for my bluebird boxes and a tree swallow starting chirping around me as I was installing them. Let Spring begin with the swallows arriving here in Essex, Ontario.