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From Billions to None

The movie from “Billions to None”, the passenger pigeons flight to extinction is scheduled for a free viewing on Thursday, February 26th. Are there lessons to be learned here in managing purple martins away from the possibility of an extinction event. Check out the flyer for further information.



Don Bissonnette ERCA Award Winner

Congratulations go out to member Don for his work with bluebirds in the Essex County area. Don is receiving his award  at the  Essex Region Conservation Annual Meeting.

Below are some photos from the evening.

IMG_3326 IMG_3322 IMG_3320 IMG_3319 Don2


Bluebird Committee

Getting Ready for the Martins

In approximately three months, purple martins will be arriving in Ontario weather permitting and even though the snow still blankets the ground, it’s not too soon to start thinking about the upcoming martin season 2015. Martins have already made their way to their home colonies in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Alabama and Texas. Landlords are enthusiastic and doing their martin dance as the new birds arrive. The martin cycle of life begins again. If you are interested in getting a head start, review the information under Getting Ready for Martins on this site.



Purple Martins and Tree Swallows and Taverner House

I came across this 6 minute video on You Tube showing martins in May  of 2014. It looks like some are already nesting. This shows how attracted the martins are to this style of martin housing.