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St.Lawrence Martins

Jim Le Blanc sent us these photos of his colony on the St. Lawrence where he hosts several pairs of martins. Unfortunately, one of his T 14 houses had 32 abandoned eggs this past summer. He has no knowledge of any predation or any other  reasons for so many abandoned eggs.

Photos used with Jim’s permission.



New Purple Martin House 2013Purple Martin Arrivals 042814Purple Martin Houses


Holiday Beach Martin Site from a Drone Perspective

Recently a video was compiled about Holiday Beach and how it looks from up above.Just imagine if this were a purple martin looking down on his home┬ásite to the left of the tower……This is a three minute video in and around the viewing tower.


Time to Join the Ontario Purple Martin Association

Our annual renewal date for the Ontario Purple Martin Association is September. The Fall issue of the newsletter will be coming out shortly. Don’t miss your next copy. If you haven’t renewed yet, you may do so by contacting our membership contact Carol using the following reference page:

OPMA Renewal Form

The Purple Martin Conservation Association also welcomes your support and contributions as the Fall Issue of the Purple Martin Update goes to press. Use the following link to join.

PMCA Purple Martin Update