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Bluebirds, Bill and Louis

Hi John:
1.  Sue and I are now at Long Point for the summer.  Kept the last issue of Nature Society News at the Point, and read (more closely, now I met you) your excellent banding article.  We subscribed to The NS News for many years, and a 25th wedding anniversary present to my wife was a visit to Griggsville Illinois.  Lucky her!
2.  Spent Saturday morning with Bill Reid updating my Bluebird housing at my Christmas Tree farm.  Much appreciated.  My neighbour, Bud McDonald was most appreciative of Bill stopping by to band a successful brood on a graveyard site adjacent to his home.
3.  Guess we’ll have to get some Martins for Bill next year.
Good to know people in higher places, thanks, Lou.
Young Bluebird Louis Bill and Louis Blue bird inspection

Port Rowan Fledgling results…..

IMG_1803 IMG_2513
Lou, Bill Reid, John Balga (1)
1. Lou & Sue Kociuk, 41 Front Road, Port Rowan, ON
     40 Troyer Supergourds, 35 nesting pair,  208 fledged.
2.  Kociuk Family Farm, 100 Front Road, Port Rowan, ON
     43 Troyer Supergourds, 37 nesting pair, 201 fledged.
3.  Sue Kociuk, 69 Beach Av., Long Point, ON
     18 Troyer Supergourds, 12 nesting pair,  64 fledged.
4.  Bill Kociuk, 9 Bluebill Ave., Long Point, ON
     42 Troyer Supergourds, 31 nesting pair, 170 fledged.
5.   Bill Kociuk, 5 Backus Drive, Port Rowan, ON
      16 Troyer Supergourds, 16 nesting pair, 88 fledged.
6.   Stark’s Golf Course, Dedrick Road, Port Rowan, ON
      20 Troyer Supergourds, 10 nesting pair,  43 fledged.
7.   Bill Hammond, 51 College Street, Port Rowan,ON
      42 Troyer Supergourds, 35 nesting pair, 135 fledged.