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Managing House Sparrows and Starlings

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has posted an excellent article on managing and controlling these exotic species. Read more at Managing……

Easy to Make Snake Guard

Snakes will often devastate colonies robbing the nests of eggs, young and even adults. Most of this occurs at night. Ken Kostka and Kent Justus pointed this out at:


If you have time give it a quick read and you’ll be convinced that sooner is better than later.

Chuck Abare is always trying to make things better for the purple martins so if you would like to protect your colony from the possible attack of a snake, you may wish to install one of his snake guards. This will be a good project our satellite colony at the Holiday Beach Community Site.

Chuck’s Easy to Make Snake Guard

Two Bluebirds Hatch from One egg

A very odd occurrence was sent to me regarding twin bluebirds hatching from a single egg. You can read the entire article by clicking on the topic.

Occurrence of twin embryos in the  eastern bluebird


Barn Swallow Study

Barn swallows as well as other flying insectivores require our assistance in returning to the numbers they once were. Cornell University is looking for your assistance in this task. Check out the latest project  information at:

Nest Watchers Needed for Barn Swallow Study