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Ontario Purple Martin

Terry Whyte reported a purple martin at his site in South Woodslee on March 28,2014. He lives down the road from our member Gilles.

Stop Birds from Hitting Your Windows

Stop birds from hitting your windows or buildings by trying an innovative idea. The American Bird Conservancy states that by  using this  simple tape you can eliminate the needless slaughter of our passerine friends.   Read More….








I  attended the  Ontario Eastern Bluebird Society’s Annual General Meeting in Burlington at the Royal Botanical Gardens on Saturday, March 22.

Two speakers were invited to present: The Barn Swallow Recovery Project  where artificial nesting structures were the key to the presentation by Kristyn Richardson  and Badgers in Ontario by Josh Sayers.Both presentations were very interesting and informative. Find out more about these two projects at :

Monitor Barn Swallow Nests with  Kristyn Richardson and Liza Barney

The photos below are a recommended artificial nesting structure for the barn swallow.

 photo (5)  photo (6)



Badgers in Ontario with Josh Sayers

Many thanks too to  Liza Barney , Project Nestwatch Co-ordinator for her insights and suggestions for monitoring Barn swallows and describing how everyone can participate in the Nest Watch Program using purple martins as a study species.

More information on how to help out the project can be found at:

Any help in any of these projects will only assist in their comeback.





Weather and Songbird Migration

Gather information as to why songbirds migrate north when they do according to a wonderful website entitled: Journey North.

 Songbirds move north when they do according to certain weather fronts as well as wind direction. This is definitely a read.

Managing House Sparrows and Starlings

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has posted an excellent article on managing and controlling these exotic species. Read more at Managing……

Easy to Make Snake Guard

Snakes will often devastate colonies robbing the nests of eggs, young and even adults. Most of this occurs at night. Ken Kostka and Kent Justus pointed this out at:

If you have time give it a quick read and you’ll be convinced that sooner is better than later.

Chuck Abare is always trying to make things better for the purple martins so if you would like to protect your colony from the possible attack of a snake, you may wish to install one of his snake guards. This will be a good project our satellite colony at the Holiday Beach Community Site.

Chuck’s Easy to Make Snake Guard

Two Bluebirds Hatch from One egg

A very odd occurrence was sent to me regarding twin bluebirds hatching from a single egg. You can read the entire article by clicking on the topic.

Occurrence of twin embryos in the  eastern bluebird


Barn Swallow Study

Barn swallows as well as other flying insectivores require our assistance in returning to the numbers they once were. Cornell University is looking for your assistance in this task. Check out the latest project  information at:

Nest Watchers Needed for Barn Swallow Study