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Purple Martins Eat Live Meal Worms to Stay Alive

Birdman Mel talks about and shows you how to get your martins to feed on live meal worms when the weather conditions get poor.

Meal Worm Eaters

OPMA Meeting

Hello everyone !
The PMCA scout map has 34 purple dots today !   They have been reported in 4 states, returning to Florida 11 days later this year than last.   Could this mean a later return to our neck of the woods?    
Last year, our members Al Hamill from Harrow, and Susan Dobbin from Niagara Falls both reported a martin on April 2nd, the first returns reported to Ontario.    So by the time of our next meeting, we will be only about 2 months away from “eyeing the sky” for that familiar sight !
Meeting date:    Saturday, February 1, 2014 …. 9:00 am
Meeting Place:   The Willow Room, Colasanti’s Tropical Gardens, Ruthven
(As always, those who wish to order breakfast may do so in the cafeteria, and their order will be brought to them.)
The first meeting of each year is a great time of sharing and getting re-acquainted. We have some “club business” to take care of, and “cricket orders” will also be taken that day for those who want them.   We have an extensive “lending library”, and a variety of information available on our display table too.   
We hope to see you all there !
Mary Wilson
Secretary, OPMA

Are You Considering a Nestbox

Have a look at this site and what it has to recommend…..

Banding OPMA Martins

Over 2200 purple martins have been banded …..have you seen any of them at your colony?


Sharp shinned and Cooper Hawks

When these birds come into the purple martin colony, it is difficult to make out which is which. This website will certainly give you tips on solving the problem on identification…..