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Louis Kociuk Writes About Martins

Check out the latest about Louis’ experience with martins…….read more

Manitoba Purple Martin House

Ernie Didur sent a few photographs of their signature  Manitoba Taverner House with the front sliding entrance door. The door slides vertically behind the  cut out entrance perches to close off the entrances for the winter by using a simple nail to keep it in place. It can be found on the Purple Martin Bird House Plan Page. Scroll down until you find the two photos illustrating their entrance door concept. Thank you Ernie and Clyde for your ingenuity.

Aerial Insectivores

There have been a number of research articles just recently made available not only on Tree Swallows but other birds that depend on flying insects. Why are they in decline?


Bird Mortality statistics

This website describes the various contributors to bird mortality and quantifies how many perish each year. it is important to note that there are more tree swallows killed than purple martins………..especially when it comes to wind turbines….Read more at